Vetoro is a Point Of Sale System For Businesses

Manage your business with a smart POS system that helps you turn transactions into sales, and sales into profits!

Vetoro Pos

One POS, for all your needs


POS For Business Owners

Customizable accounting software in Pakistan that lets you add custom features that are industry specific.

Add and remove inventory in vetoro point of sale system

Add & Remove Inventory

With Vetoro Point of Sale software, you will have all the tools for your business at your fingertips. Vetoro POS allows you to manage inventory, customers, vendors, purchase orders, sales groupings, employees, and taxes from one place in real time with full customization. Vetoro POS gives you the opportunity to set price levels for each unique customer as well as discount rules according to buying history and current balance with the company.

Add Customers and Manage your cashflow

Vetoro POS system is built to grow and scale with your business. Whether you are starting small or looking to build out from the ground up, the Vetoro can adapt and evolve to suit your needs. Vetoro is the only POS system designed from scratch to meet the needs of modern retail. Vetoro puts you in control and gives you all the tools you need to run a successful business and grow fast.

Add customers and manage your cashflow with vetoro pos
Monitor your business anywhere with Vetoro point of sale

Monitor Your POS on the go anywhere

Our Vetoro POS system allows you to open and close your business anywhere from any medium. Our cloud-based system allows you to track basic daily activities and look into all aspects of your business from anywhere. This will help you feel secure with the knowledge that your inventory, staff, and customers are being monitored on a daily basis.

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99.9% Uptime

Online sync feature in Vetoro POS enables you to keep your inventory updated in real-time.

In 15+ Cities

We have customers all over Pakistan and we cater to customers with different needs and preferences.

30% less costs

Take advantage of Vetoro POS to empower your business planning and inventory management.

Vetoro POS

Provides Both
Hardware & Software

The easy, offline solution for POS software.

Do not worry about the unavailability of the Internet. Experience an uninterrupted process of selling and working as fast as possible.

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Keep your system online 24/7

No matter where you are, check your business data at blazing fast speeds to keep up with the times. High-speed sync can make it easy for you to access and use your business anytime, anywhere.

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Buy with hardware

Get the complete package with both hardware and software along with barcode scanner and receipt printers.

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