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VetoroPOS is best restaurant POS system that aims to boost your cash flow and increase revenue. Best Restaurant POS Application helps you to operate single or franchise restaurants through

Inventory Management

Pakistan’s Best Restaurant POS

Best Restaurant POS Application helps you to operate single or franchise restaurants through intuitive touch pad-based menu system that allows you to easily manage menu options and inventory, efficiently process payments, track check-in/check-out activities to maximize productivity, maximize customer service.

VetoroPOS Takeaway is an online restaurant point-of-sale system that aims to boost your cash flow and increase revenue. It is a complete POS management system, which helps to streamline customer service, increase employee productivity, and reduce the investment in complex systems. With this restaurant software, you will have full control over your restaurant sales by providing necessary requisites like a point-of-sale system, menu management software, and online ordering menu system.

VetoroPOS Takeaway comes with robust features like total restaurant inventory control, restaurant order management software, asset tracking system, pre-sales service, and merchandise order fulfillment system.

Advantages & Features of POS

Manage multiple stores
multi FUNCtional


VetoroPOS Takeaway comes with robust features like total restaurant inventory control, restaurant order etc.

  • Multiple store
    Track Inventory Item Instructions:
  • Multiple store
    Accurate Business Reports:
  • Multiple store
    Reduce Wait Time
  • Multiple store
    Error Control
  • Multiple store
    Discounts & Loyalty Programs

Main features of VetoroPOS

Let’s take a look at how VetoroPOS works and the main features of VetoroPOS

  • Multiple store
    Maintaining History
  • Multiple store
    Offering Hot Deals
  • Multiple store
    Manage Food Delivery Service
  • Multiple store
    Management of Inventory Items
  • Multiple store
    Discount Offers and Calculations
  • Multiple store
    Track food Deliveries
  • Multiple store
    Make Sales with VetoroPOS
Give employees limited access

Advantages of Using Restaurant POS

  • Track Inventory Item Instructions:

A POS System for restaurants offers various benefits in tracking the inventory items, such as data forecasting, order preparation analyses, centralized accounting, and customer-based automatic product monitoring. The products in the inventory can be updated and are removed automatically after-sales.

  • Accurate Business Reports:

The most essential part of analyzing the business growth and performance is to generate detailed reports at regular intervals. These reports allow the management to track inventory, sales, and stock to determine the revenue of the business. Restaurant POS reduces all the manual work and improves the efficiency and growth of the business.

  • Reduce Wait Time:

In many restaurants, the food is served from several preparation areas. Orders from different locations may be placed by customers at once. Such cases are normal and require careful synchronization; otherwise, waiters will be serving incorrect orders. It is very difficult to manually put several servers in one line; however, the integration can be easily facilitated by up-to-date POS software.

  • Error Control:

The returning visitors are happy clients. They also advise their friends about your restaurant. You, therefore, require satisfied customers whose orders are accurately prepared and served to make your business prosper. Most of the time handwritten orders can create confusion. A restaurant integrated POS system allows easy communication to enhance and human error reduction.

  • Discounts & Loyalty Programs:

Discount offers and loyalty services are well-established ways to attract frequent travelers and generate revenue and enhance customers. Restaurants require a POS system to execute these plans efficiently. You can use this POS to store customer information, track and rescue reward points and increase bill discounts. It also serves to keep the data from all the outlets.

Grow Your Business with VetoroPOS Takeaway

VetoroPOS Takeaway is designed for restaurants, Ice cream parlors, food courts, and other fast-food chains. With VetoroPOS Users do not need to write the reports manually, VetoroPOS Takeaway launches a revolutionary technology to automatically store consumer details and print order invoices that will alleviate the business's shortfall. This edition operates for operating systems on the keyboard.

Best Restaurant POS -VetoroPOS Takeaway

Let’s take a look at how VetoroPOS works and the main features of VetoroPOS:

  • Maintaining History:

VetoroPOS stores Customers' information and their orders according to the date. All the sales and history are stored in the backend. To ensure the transactions and avoid confusion, these sales are held in the backend of the system.

  • Offering Hot Deals:

There is a control of hot deals that enlists the fast-food deals that your restaurant provides to the customers. These can be customized from the back office. These enlisted deals can be selected according to buyers' orders from the Takeaway POS. Addons can be added to the deals with customer needs.

Offering Hot Deals-best restaurant pos

  • Manage Food Delivery Service:

VetoroPOS provides management of food delivery services, drivers button the display This button display contains driver’s information who delivers the orders that are placed by the users according to the Order Date, Amount, Balance, and delivery status.

  • Management of Inventory Items:

The food items list shown from an inventory of the VetoroPOS. These can be selected individually as per customer requirements. On selection, the categories of the particular option are displayed. 

  • Discount Offers and Calculations:

The discount button is used to apply coupons on purchases. Full reimbursement directly after the sale of the product, the discount amount, or the discount percentage shall be calculated. Consumers should choose the explanation for the discount to prevent uncertainty and contradictions in purchases.

  • Real-Time Retrieval of Customer Database:

In the database, consumers from food courts are stored and displayed in the consumer panel.  By pressing the Customer Search button which opens up this window where users can search customers by their IDs.

  • Track food Deliveries:

VetoroPOS system Takeaway allows customers to check how many deliveries they are still waiting for. This window shows all the remaining deliveries that are present in the queue. Once the order is delivered, it is automatically removed from the queue.

  • Make Sales with VetoroPOS:

After the orders have been placed by the customers the small window shows the sum of charges of the orders placed by the user. As the user adds up the order to display the order window, it calculates the total amount so that the order proceeds and transactions can be done.

What makes VetoroPOS the right Choice for your business? 

Given the fast pace of change in the restaurant industry, you would think customers would have fewer reasons to switch providers. And they do switch providers from time to time making it essential to stay competitive. Optimization and smooth operation of your restaurant's customer experience is an important aspect of successful restaurant operations, and this needs to be optimized constantly to ensure maximum profits. The way things are now, it is not easy for most companies to manage such an intricate operation.

With the pace and flexibility of VetoroPOS Takeaway, retailers and eateries around the world can monitor all the assets of their market efficiently. This modern POS system for restaurants has a good effect on a company in so many different ways. This will help you in boosting your sales and increasing your revenue. First, since the VetoroPOS system speeds up your orders, it would not be necessary to keep buyers in the long run and to store all your orders manually. Secondly, the point-of-sale system streamlines key facets of the company such as pricing, billing, and inventory. This naturally results in higher sales and increased Revenue.

VetoroPOS is an advanced point of sale system that helps restaurant owners optimize their business. It is the solution to the problem of customers not knowing how exactly their food is being prepared, or how much it costs. With VetoroPOS any customer can check online to see exactly what their order will cost them, then when they pick up their food, tell coworkers or friends what it is without any hassle.


Every Restaurant is different, the VetoroPOS Takeaway Point of Sale is the best solution for your Business. VetoroPOS is one of a handful of suppliers of POS solutions for restaurants. The company’s proprietary solution has been designed to help businesses improve the speed at which orders from restaurant owners are accepted at the point of sale while reducing reconciliation times and increasing overall margins via lower kitchen/revenue counting costs. 

VetoroPOS is the solution for your business that will breed loyalty and increase your numbers of customers, you should choose VetoroPOS because they know how to create and manage business solutions that work!

One software for all your needs

Manage multiple stores
multi location

Manage Multiple Stores

Vetoro can be run across multiple stores across the county

  • Multiple store
    Use in multiple stores
  • Multiple store
    Easily upload your inventory
  • Multiple store
    Keep track of your orders
  • Multiple store
    Manage sales in a single dashboard
employee management

Give Employees Limited Access

Employees can be given user only access via smart permission

  • Multiple store
    Give limited access
  • Multiple store
    Monitor sales and purchases
  • Multiple store
    Make receipts on the go
  • Multiple store
    Keep an eye on daily cash
Give employees limited access

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