The best Point-of-sale (POS) systems


With the growing technological level, more and morebusinesses are searching for systems that can upgrade their profitsquickly. If you are one of those too, the proper software that is capable ofintentionally taking your company to maximum level is not without pos systems.These applications feature up-to-date technologies to monitor the inventory andto handle all business issues easily and effectively.

Point of Sale software is used by stores for their ownsales. Often it is an online cash register, a computer or even a tabletwhere cashiers take in the items, count the costs, and carry out the financialtransaction. The majority of POS applications often communicates with inventorylevels in order to balance everything.

There are various types of point of sale, so choosing theone that best fits your business needs is very important. Take your demandsinto account and purchase the one that will benefit your company and can handleyour business's strategies and reduce the whole workload. You can buy thesePOS softwares online and contacting teams via emails and contacts provided bythe service owners.


Featuresand specifications of a POS System

Here are main features you can look for when buying a POSsystem now that you know what it is:

Billing andorder handling

The point-of-sale system must have core features of thebilling and order management. You should be able to charge orders by scanningproducts and registering various payment methods.

It should have an ability to make a customer orderinvoice, email repression and apply discount information, customer information,extra feedback, and salesperson's name to an order.

Monitoringand Reporting of sales

A detailed sales report should be generated by thePOS method. It should be able to monitor every hour, every week, everymonth, and every year, so that merchants can easily recognize the overallperformance of their market.

The advanced POS reporting module includes market patterns,such as seasonal commodity demand, forecasts based on sales trends, insightsinto superfluous product overhead and stock management statistics.

Stock andInventory Management

Adding of product inventory module of a POS systemshall always have full visibility and transparency in the store.

The software should display the inventory, the historyof sales transactions, the reports of sales according to the customers.Stock changes i.e., restock of products in store should be made whileviewing inventory and the explanation for stock changes should also becaptured.

Discountsand Return Management

Some of the features of a POS return control module are toaccept returns from the customers and enable refunds and substitutes fromthe store. The framework can make it easier to generate several returns atvarious times on one purchase order. It should include information such as theexplanation for the return and salesperson information.

Discount Management is also an important feature to look atin POS system. e-g whether the POS is capable of calculating discounts and thencorrectly deducting them from the actual price of the products.


For many it is shocking that a POS system can be usedto manage employees. An employee management module in a POS system willnevertheless allow you to monitor your workforce numbers, employeeshifts and sales results.

By connecting it with each purchase, you can monitor youremployee behavior. This aims to forge good and bad performers so that effectivesteps can be taken to boost their productivity.

What isPOS Hardware? Why is it important?

The input and output devices that function at the time ofpurchase are POS hardware. In today's urban countryside, point of sale hardwarewill range from conventional computer installation to Cash drawers and anydevice used in supermarkets, retail stores and the restaurants.

The significance of POS hardware is that it works withspecial properties. Exactly what does this mean? It means that any receiptprinter may be ordered, connected to your POS system, and requested tooperate. For this purpose, tech vendors sell hardware packages which are fullyequipped to make the most of the software you need.

Touch Screen Monitor or PC

Retail shops, Stores and marts are becoming more andmore popular with touchscreens, PC’s, and tablet. The low prices anduser-friendly nature of these devices makes them suitable for closely budgetedsmall enterprises. They have little to no footprint on a store counter ascompared to heavy displays or cash registers that take up precious counterspace and adversely affect contact with staff and consumers.

Credit Card Terminal

A credit card reader is a required part of a POS hardwarepackage, in addition to the display or tablet.  If more people usetheir favorite payment methods for credit and debit cards, you will wantto ensure that your business employers have that opportunity. The gatewaysshould be connected to the system for making transactions through credit cards.

Cash Drawers

Although more people want to pay through hands, cashpurchases continue to be a significant part of small business transactions. Acash drawer has become an important part of the early supermarket sector andwill not vanish soon. It keeps the cash for a period of time, normally oneday or change, which enables a client to pay the amount of cash and getspecific response to it.

Receipt Printer

It is standard procedure at the completion of all salesto record the transaction to the client. This is generally in the form ofa receipt of paper made by a receipt printer which is the evidence of the sale.

Receipts are printed purchase records so that the usercan spend or refund goods that are not satisfactory for them to expend items.

Barcode Scanner

In everygeneral store, a barcode scanner automates the control process by reading thebarcode or UPC of the product. The barcode is read by a scanner which uses alaser to bounce the light away. You can either handle barcode scanners to allowthe employee to search small or huge objects, or it can be a stationary scannerwhere the items to be purchased are checked with the laser.

Front Office and BackOffice of POS Systems

Most stores and restaurant owners definitely do not have theoption of wasting more money on needless technology and features. The FrontOffice module is included in the Back Office module but can also work forother manufacturers' back-office modules.

Front office usually comprises of the screen displayed tothe employees while they are adding sales to the system. You havetwo databases, one consistent with the system, if you have different backoffice and front office in the POS. However, you can be certain that all datais up to date and accurate with a single POS and back-office management system.You can also have a quick access for back-office database to obtainsensitive information from different storage locations of stores. You would beable to take better, profitably better strategic choices in all the locationswith this precise data at your fingertips.

It can also be safe for data to be processed in a singlelocation through a unified POS and back-office management system. Back OfficePOS makes it easier to find which items drop from your inventory due totheft, thereby reducing the costs and strengthening inventory levels.

One of the most significant aspects of POS and back-officemanagement solution is to provide more inventory control. As products are sold,the inventory levels will be automatically updated, meaning you will producereal-time inventory updates so that you can properly predict and optimizeorders.


Significanceof a POS With a Dedicated Assistance Team

POS system for any retailer is aninvaluable resource. A POS is used, after all, to handle everyday tasks,raise revenues and ensure the overall smooth running of your business. So, whensomething goes wrong, what happens? When hardware fail, the computer does notconnect to the Internet, or when a main POS features are hard to learn, how areyou going to deal with the Point-of-sale system you have?

POS systems provide retailers with far more than just ameans of running their business. They provide full support to operate andexpand a profitable business by using their point-of-sale software they teachthe customers how they can expand their business, save their time, and generategreater revenue. A full team support is always available for contact. 

Once you buy a software a support member is there to installthe software to you device, he will be able to assist the customer on how touse the software. Mostly customers are less familiar with the use of technologyand how it works when they purchase it. They need full assistance, this supportmember guide them, teach them on how to use the POS software. Customers cancontact them later on if they need further assistance while operating thesystem. The best Point of sale provides the dedicated assistance team when thecustomer purchases their product.

The aim is to have an involved, personalized support team tohelp you operate the point-of-sale system right. Retailers want to find a POSthat develops a partnership between both sides so that they can collaboratetowards mutual interests while the company progresses.

The 5best Point of Sale Systems for Small Businesses

Payments are collected, stock is handled, and loyalcustomers with the best class point of sale systems. If you run a restaurant orsupermarket shop, find your small company the best Point of sale system.


VetoroPOS has become a leading desktop POS applicationin retail management. VetoroPOS is one of the best point of sale software thesedays. The VetoroPOS is the universal retail management system for all divisionsof retail businesses. The basic idea behind the development of software is tomanage and control business processes in expansion to providing data aboutemployees and customers. A wide range of functionalities is offered byvetoroPOS, a convenient customer service system for record sales and inventoryof products.

VetoroPOS also provide the Backoffice for updating theinventory and secure access for the business owners. You can also have a quickaccess for back-office of vetoroPOS to obtain sensitive information fromdifferent storage locations of stores. This feature makes it the best POS inthe market.

VetoroPOS includes all the requirements forsecurity administration, procedures, policies, and user-friendly softwarearchitecture that meet the customer demands. It allows the business owners totrack their records and inventory without being present.


Shopify has earned a reputation as the first web-based POSplatform in the retail region. The firm also uses its E-commerce, Amazonmarketplace and point-of-sale services over one million business customersworldwide.

The deep integration into the industry of e-commerce ensuresthat the retail stores will deliver an outstanding point-of-sale solution.Shopify POS is an easy to set up and highly customized app that adapts to smallbusinesses and expands as the company grows. Shopify also offers an integratedstock management and order delivery facility plus moderate shipping ratediscounts through US Postal Service, UPS, and DHL partnerships.

Unfortunately, the Simple Shop package has few reportingoptions. So, you will need to upgrade to more costly plans for advancedanalytics, lower production costs, marketing automation, and better offsets.


Light Speed is a real business cloud-based solution.Sophisticated, but intuitive. Powerful, but straightforward. Lightspeed is morethan a point-of-sale system, it is the center of your business, online andin-store. Light Speed helps businesses to handle several processes.

This point of sale puts them together in one locationand allows you to reach many revenue sources. For side-hustles Lightspeed Retailwas not designed. Optimize stock, sell, and learn from your information forbusiness growth. Lightspeed Restaurant is designed to provide full service,fast service, bars, cafés, and hotel restaurants.


QuickBooks by Intuit requires no introduction. For decades,the business has been driving company accounts. You now can use your own littlebusiness to mix Intuit point-of-sale applications, accounting services and POShardware. QuickBooks needs you to buy POS software straight away, unlike otherpaid point of sale systems on our list. The rates vary according to thedevice you select, and the payment is one-time. However, its high upfront pricecould put small or new businesses beyond its control.

The QuickBooks Point of Sales Payments plan must be signed.Two regular plans are available, and each has its own monthly rates andtransaction charges. The cons of QuickBooks pos are that it has missing coreaccounting records. The system crashes if the database of the QuickBooksexceeds the limit. The Data stored into the system is not always backed up sothat knowledge is lost.


We have looked at one POS provider, Revel Systems, which webelieve to be the best CRM service for iPad POS systems. Mainly for bars andrapid-service restaurants, coffee stores and breweries the Revel Systems POSsystem had been designed. Revel personalized rewards services can be used byfood and beverage companies. Revel Systems is also developed with its MobileOrder Taker system which communicates seamlessly with stationary devices tospeed up front-of-home order processing. And you can better understand yourcompany and customers with an extensive inventory, analytical reports. However,the solution is quite expensive.

Featuresto Look for when buying a POS System

How easy is a pos appto use?

Traditional POS systems have an interface for the point ofsale and a backend for back-office analytics and management functions(sometimes referred to as the back-office or dashboard). It should be easilyoperated in the operating system. And the interface should give a clear pictureof understanding to the users.

What customer support is available?

While some would think that the process ends when the POSdevice is mounted, this is just one of many contact points during the journeyof the buyer.

The best POS should provide a customer service team tohelp the system get off the floor, to be in position and to operate smoothly,just like any new technology. Implementing the point-of-sale system is aworthwhile investment, from onboarding and customer success to technicalsupport, field service and maintenance.

How much does it cost?

POS software costs, although the same company might sellboth, are not included in the cost of the hardware. The average software costof POS can vary from $60 to $100 per month, but if you use additional services,it can also cost you more. POS applications should be cost-effective for anysmall business.

Whatfunctionality does it offer?

A feature-rich POS offers a variety of capabilities: revenueanalysis and reporting, product tracking, refunds, analytics, mobile access,customer data collection, managers, and loyalty services. A strongpoint of sale system can help business owners handle sales and inventory,and also enhance business intelligence and marketing skills of business ownersas earlier discussed in this blog.

What kind of reports does it offer?

Small business owners do not have time to execute eachanalysis, but some reports are important for any business which a best POSsystem must provide a facility to generate. These include general analytics, dashboardin the Point-of-sale software is the quick access for the business owners toget the sales insights quickly. Accounting Reports are one the best feature ina POS for running financial reports. Inventory Reports allows the to businessowner to get rid of stealing and error calculations in finances. Despite of thesales tracking, payment tracking, and customer information reports are alsoimportant.

How easy is it to access your data?

The data collection in any point-of-salesoftware is important that is the basis for all other details you gatheras a retailer. This data must be securely saved in the back office of the POSso that this data can be accessed by business owners later on. They can get theinsight of the daily sales and revenues of the stores. The data of thecustomers e-g their history of sales and their balance should also be storedinto the system and can be retrieved from the Backoffice by the businessowners.

This storage can easily be accessed by Back Office. Reportsare also stored for the ease of business owners. Product inventory details andfinances data must also and stored into the POS and can be accessed in timewhen needed.

How secure is the app?

It is necessary to recognize that in terms of security allPOS systems have a certain amount of risk. Many attackers are only scanning forthreats using compromised mechanisms and executing automatic POS attacks.Securityin point of sale means the protection by people who are usually seeking tosteal the personal data of clients, including the credit card numbers, ofillegal access to electronic payment systems. POS safety seeks to providebuyers with a secure environment to complete sales and transfers, and it isessential to promote satisfaction with consumers today.

What kind of hardware does it require?

POS hardwareis important because it operates with special properties.   It means thatyou can request, connect, and run any receiving printer on your POS device. POSsoftware companies build it to work with different hardware modules andconnectivity protocols in development applications.  The best point ofsale software should allow you to easily connect the hardware with the softwarefor processing.