Retail Software In Pakistan

Retail Software in Pakistan (VetoroPOS) is a comprehensive software solution designed to help your business grow by expanding your market reach and improving customer experience. The unique feature of Retail Software in Pakistan provides you with a holistic view of your entire store including inventory control, reports & notifications along with vital data such as sales data, product cost, and profit & loss.

Retail Software in Pakistan

What is a Retail management system OR

Retail POS?

A retail management System or Retail POS system is an information management system that enables retailers and service providers to record and control the sale of their products and to manage the movement of goods between different locations. A retail management system (RMS) is a software solution that helps you to run, monitor, and control your store. A Retail POS software is an electronic payment terminal that allows you to accept credit cards at the point of sale. RMS also typically comes with inventory management software so that you can track, control, and analyze your inventory right down to the item level.

In simple words, it is a system that takes care of all the functions related to selling products on retail premises. It includes all software systems required to carry out visual merchandising displays (e.g., POS systems for supermarkets and department stores), inventory control systems, and any other systems required to ensure efficient and safe sales operations.

vetoro POS

Retail Software in Pakistan

VetoroPOS Retail Software is the best retail software in Pakistan which helps you to manage your inventory effectively, supply raw materials on time, package, and label products correctly, track the cost of goods sold along with just about every other relevant data there is on managing a retail store. It's all done through a user-friendly interface that allows you to build out your strategies on the fly as well as add in new features as they become relevant for your particular business situation.

All in one solution to management system


Vetoro POS Retail software is a powerful and user-friendly retail software developed specifically to cover the needs of retail businesses worldwide. This all-in-one solution for every retail business is loaded with features that will ensure that your business gets off to a successful start. This system includes features that allow you to easily manage all aspects of your retail business including inventory, service, point of sales, and cash management.


VetoroPOS Retail POS is an all-in-one point of sale system for businesses in Pakistan. The software features a loyalty program that rewards customers for coming back to your store. All customer data is kept secure using passwords and access records, and the included barcode scanner allows businesses to take payments quickly and easily.

Inventory Tracking


Manage your inventory at a fast rate and avoid errors with VetoroPOS retail software solutions. We offer a cloud-based solution for any business that is striving to become a serious retail business. We provide our clients inventory management software in Pakistan. The software provides you with visibility on all your stock levels. No matter what business you are running, VetoroPOS can help you.


Be able to track your key metrics on sales, returns, gross margin, and other business-specific data points. These will help you identify problems and areas that need improvement to streamline your business operations. This makes it easy for entrepreneurs and small business owners to run their self-service retail store and increase efficiency in the process. This is a complete POS system designed for any setup, large or small.

RETAIL STATISTICS AND ANALYTICS (Retail manegement system)

Retail Software in Pakistan

Manage multiple stores
multi FUNCtional


VetoroPOS Takeaway comes with robust features like total restaurant inventory control, restaurant order etc.

  • Multiple store
    Track Inventory Item Instructions:
  • Multiple store
    Accurate Business Reports:
  • Multiple store
    Reduce Wait Time
  • Multiple store
    Error Control
  • Multiple store
    Discounts & Loyalty Programs

Main features of VetoroPOS

Let’s take a look at how VetoroPOS works and the main features of VetoroPOS

  • Multiple store
    Maintaining History
  • Multiple store
    Offering Hot Deals
  • Multiple store
    Manage Food Delivery Service
  • Multiple store
    Management of Inventory Items
  • Multiple store
    Discount Offers and Calculations
  • Multiple store
    Track food Deliveries
  • Multiple store
    Make Sales with VetoroPOS
Give employees limited access

Create Purchase Orders Instantly Without Searches or Delays

Retail POS VetoroPOS allows major retailers to process multiple purchase orders on a single retail terminal. It simplifies the order collection and payment process for major retailers in Pakistan and across the globe. With its intuitive software, customers can place multiple orders on any product or service and instantly receive invoices for each order. They do not have to keep visiting different websites and collecting invoices from different companies. As a retailer, you can automate the collection of your receivables from vendors with very little staff resources.

  • Inventory Management:

Retail POS VetoroPOS is a revolutionary, end-to-end software solution for tracking, controlling, and reporting physical stock movements. Our software revolutionizes the way retailers operate by streamlining inventory management and replenishment through a secure online platform designed to comply with all security standards. This saves time, money, and resources while increasing overall inventory availability for shipping customers around the globe.

  • Purchase and Retail Management:

VetoroPOS helps you in Retail Management and eliminate human error and automation through the process of selling or buying goods and services. It provides an effective and efficient way of keeping track of your finances and increasing efficiency in your company. This software is ideal for any business that deals with large volumes of goods such as retailers, general stores, or warehouse clubs. It allows you to manage all your inventory from a single dashboard.

  • Analytics and Reporting:

Get a high-level view of your business through the VetoroPOS reporting system. VetoroPOS reporting system provides reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis for you to track the business with confidence, also providing cost-effective tools to get feedback from customers regarding the products and services provided by your company. This powerful software has been designed to give access to executive-level users; however, it is also very easy to learn for more basic users.

You can start using real-time sales data and insights about your products and business

VetoroPOS is a next-generation retail software solution that empowers end-to-end retailers to reach their target customers. We design, build, and manage complete supply chains including inventory control, inventory management & fulfillment services to help retailers leverage the latest technology to increase sales while decreasing costs.

Best POS in pakistan

Our software solutions are designed to improve both vendor experience and productivity while increasing shelf life and enhancing customer service transparency. VetoroPOS is a revolutionary retail software designed to give businesses the confidence to sell their products directly to customers. The company's POS solution provides end-to-end software solutions for brick-and-mortar stores to successfully implement mobile ordering and pick-up capabilities, online sales reporting, and analytics along with other features to allow the business to focus on their core competencies while increasing overall revenue.

  • Real-Time Sales
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Analytics and Metrics
  • Enhanced Customer based Relationship
  • Comprehensive and Complete Insights
  • Inventory Management

Our Support team will always be there for you:

Retail Software Vetoro POS Pakistan provides a full-featured Point of Sale solution at an affordable cost. Our goal is to provide merchants a Point-of-Sale software that combines all the powerful features they want at a reasonable cost. We provide you training sessions so that nobody faces any problem while using the system, we also provide ongoing training to users so that they can use this system in the future.

Pos system

The dedicated Support team for you to make you understand the system effectively. We have provided various integrated solutions to our clients including hospitality, retails, exhibition, and IT sector by providing them with the latest technologies including mobile POS solutions. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals motivated by their passion and vision. Today we have unrivaled expertise in providing end-to-end logistics and advanced retail solutions to our valued customers.

In today's world, everyone is looking for a POS payment software that's easy to install, cost-effective in use, and above all quicker in processing. We introduced VetoroPOS System, a Point-of-Sale Software keeping all the retail dilemmas in focus and offering you the most innovative solution.

One software for all your needs

Manage multiple stores
multi location

Manage Multiple Stores

Vetoro can be run across multiple stores across the county

  • Multiple store
    Use in multiple stores
  • Multiple store
    Easily upload your inventory
  • Multiple store
    Keep track of your orders
  • Multiple store
    Manage sales in a single dashboard
employee management

Give Employees Limited Access

Employees can be given user only access via smart permission

  • Multiple store
    Give limited access
  • Multiple store
    Monitor sales and purchases
  • Multiple store
    Make receipts on the go
  • Multiple store
    Keep an eye on daily cash
Give employees limited access

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