Supplier Management

Suppliers management system of VetoroPOS is very helpful for Manage your Suppliers' data in different formats.

Supplier Management

Supplier Management in VetoroPOS

POS is truly revolutionary since it allows us to keep all those records. In POS, suppliers are listed with their contact information that is updated with every transaction they are involved in. Supplier management involves the management and coordination of multiple suppliers who use different technologies and methods to deliver products and services to customers. The rapid growth of Internet and business technology has made supplier management a more viable option than the traditional concept of a bill of lading or bill of materials transportation.

Supplier management is necessary for every business in the world, from small businesses to big businesses. The main purpose of supplier management in business is to exercise control over the suppliers as well as monitor their activities and study their performance.

Features of Supplier Management in VetoroPOS System

  • Detailed Supplier Registration

VetoroPOS keeps the catalogs of all the vendors up to date and accurate. Check all related information, including purchases of bought goods and the things you purchase from each item, easily.

  • Maintain Purchase & Sale History of Suppliers

You can check each supplier's sales directly from the supplier's history and track the inventory bought from the same supplier. Suppliers Reports can be generated to track the goods, billing and receipts from the supplier that is bestselling. This will also improve the customer management of the business.

  • List of Suppliers

You can store the products by their supplier names, by keeping track of all your suppliers, you will be able to get information about their financial status, quality of products. Suppliers can be updated with the latest products in case there is a change of product or material requirement.

  • Products with Several Suppliers

Can you buy from various suppliers the same item? Fill out the product form for as few vendors as you like. But you can better quote and get the latest prices from your orders and products. The fewer time suppliers spend on any given task, the less time they have to optimize other areas of your business, and vice versa.

Building Strong Relationship with Vendors Using POS System

To stay competitive in retail, you must constantly out-innovate and out-innovate your competitors. Competitive pressures are like an accelerating snowball; once they start rolling, it is almost impossible to stop.

Building relationships with suppliers means understanding their processes, products, and timelines or cycles. It also means understanding their freight/time issues, renting time, and negotiating discounts that will make them feel happy about pricing. Your supplier management skills will fundamentally change the way you approach your business if you want to be cost-effective.

Your customers may not always be able to see how your business is performing, but they can see it online through a variety of tools. Stores that have good supplier relationships are more profitable, make more profit, have more customers, and bring consumer benefit in the form of lower prices, higher profits.

Key Components of Supplier Management within a Business

  • Classification and Segmentation of Suppliers Data
  • Risk Management and Compliance.
  • Performance and Development of the Business
  • Maintaining Previous Records of Suppliers
  • Inventory stock Reports

VetoroPOS is a system for managing all suppliers in a supply chain without the need to rely on manual reconciliations or manual data entry. It is designed to operate without human intervention from start to finish as it periodically organizes and tracks incremental changes made to suppliers data in real-time to automate the likelihood, timing, and resolution of problematic supplier reconciliations

VetoroPOS lets you keep track of all of your suppliers. The resulting system has been designed to integrate data from multiple systems, such as register drives, database and consolidate data into a central location for easy retrieval of information.

One software for all your needs

Manage multiple stores
multi location

Manage Multiple Stores

Vetoro can be run across multiple stores across the county

  • Multiple store
    Use in multiple stores
  • Multiple store
    Easily upload your inventory
  • Multiple store
    Keep track of your orders
  • Multiple store
    Manage sales in a single dashboard
employee management

Give Employees Limited Access

Employees can be given user only access via smart permission

  • Multiple store
    Give limited access
  • Multiple store
    Monitor sales and purchases
  • Multiple store
    Make receipts on the go
  • Multiple store
    Keep an eye on daily cash
Give employees limited access

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